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The people behind Boston Chocolate School and Tours come from backgrounds as varied as chocolate itself, but all of us are seriously passionate about the food of the gods. Before any of us had an inkling that someday we’d be spending our days sharing this passion with others, we routinely devoured every tidbit of our favorite bean’s history and lore. We’d travel far and wide in search of new cacao-based experiences… tracking down tiny boutique chocolatiers based on a wisp of a rumor… and seeking out high-profile experts to answer increasingly arcane questions.

Along the way, of course, were endless tastings.

Eventually, it dawned on us that among friends and relatives, we ourselves were now considered the chocolate experts. The fact that all of us loved meeting new people and had rich experience in culinary event planning certainly didn’t hurt. Then, in early 2009, it seemed a lot of stars began to align. You could say that we founded a business. But it’s probably more accurate to say this business found us. Remember that old saying about following your dreams? In our case, Boston Chocolate School and Tours are the delicious results.


Executive Pastry Chef, Chocolatier, Winner Sweet Genius

Dorian McCarron’s passion for chocolate runs so strong that he has not gone a day in over 12 years without eating it in some form. This passion for chocolate has led him to become renowned dessert and pastry chef in the Boston area. His work has been recognized by the Boston Globe, the Boston Herald, Patriot Ledger, Brockton Enterprise and Pastry Art & Design Magazine and he has appeared on Chronicle. When not crafting truffles and sharing his knowledge of chocolate, Dorian can be found photographing the streets of Boston or focusing on his other passions, tattooing and running his own Organic, Handcrafted Skin Care company. His expertise and charismatic personality make our chocolate workshops a unique and enjoyable experience.


Associate Professor, Johnson & Wales University, Expert Chocolatier

Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Tim Brown brings a world of experience to the classroom. He hosted "Baking with Brown," a culinary radio show that aired in the Western Massachusetts region. He is a two-time recipient of's "Golden Scoop Award." In 2006, he earned Boston Magazine's New England Travel & Life "Best Dessert." Brown was selected to Gelato Team USA 2016 and competed at the World Gelato Championship in Rimini, Italy.


Wine & Cheese Educator, Author of Tasting Wine & Cheese- An Insider’s Guide to Mastering the Principles of Pairing

Adam has a passion for wine and cheese- so much that he has spent seven years teaching classes, conducting seminars, and providing consulting for those who enjoy fine food and wine as much as he does. He is an alumnus of Boston University, has managed the Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge, and held the position of portfolio administrator for a lauded local wine purveyor. Not only does Adam continue teaching, he constantly continues learning. Adam enjoys connecting with those who love to eat, drink, and learn as much as he does; his wine and chocolate class will be a great experience for anyone who shares these interests.

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